Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More NBC´s Wonder Woman Pilot Details

 Ever since the Wonder Woman pilot was ordered by NBC, there has been many questions about how the female superhero would be adapted to current times. The Futon Critic has exclusively revealed more details about David E Kelley´s script about the amazon superhero.

 On the plot of the show: Diana Themyscira is a Los Angeles-based superhero who runs Themyscira Industries (which among other things, sells Wonder Woman-related merchandise) by day and fights crime as Wonder Woman by night. Since the world already relates her to Wonder Woman she invents herself a new secret identity, Diana Prince, complete with a disguise including contact lenses and different hairstyle to hide who she really is.

 On the costume: According to the script it is "a colorful spandex suit." No more details are given except that it won´t be the original popular costume. (that one will appear as the company´s top seller). This new Wonder Woman insists to have a more modern outfit appropiate to current times.

 On the main villain: Veronica Cale, head of Cale-Anderson Pharmaceuticals, will rival Diana in both beauty and success, doing everything she can to destroy her.

 On the mythology: Themyscira is a place almost impossible to find so leaving it implies a price for amazons: the loss of inmortality.

 On pop culture references: There is a funny reference to Katy Perry stealing Diana´s look in the video for her new single. In relation to music, Diana has her own entrance theme for press conferences ("Wonder of You," as performed by Jeffrey McDonald).

 Bear in mind that the script may undergo many changes and rewrites before the pilot is finally filmed. What do you think so far? Will you give Wonder Woman a try if it gets picked up for series?

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