Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Matt LeBlanc is 'against Friends reunion'

 Former Friends star Matt LeBlanc, has recently admitted that he is not too keen on reprising his role of Joey Tribbiani for a reunion of the hit TV show. Even though he stated that he is still friends with all his former co-stars, LeBlanc who will next be seen on Showtime series Episodes, believes it is better to leave the memory of the show untouched.

 He told WENN: "Friends was this magical, cool thing, like lightning in a bottle, and I feel super fortunate to have been part of it."

 When asked about a possible reunion he said: "What would the story be? We all get together and what? Have coffee? It would be almost sad. It's better to just imagine what those characters are doing now."

 Personally, I have to say how much I don't agree with LeBlanc on this. A Friends reunion could be really cool if done properly, and a sure hit as far as ratings is concerned.

 What do you say? Would you dig a reunion of the hit sitcom, or is it better to leave the show dead and buried?

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  1. I don't agree with LeBlanc either, Sex and The City did so well first time around, a friends big screen adaption could be amazing