Friday, December 10, 2010

Nelly Furtado encourages songwriting to newcomers

 Nelly Furtado insists that upcoming artists should write their own songs if they want to make a positive impact in the music industry. The singer told Associated Press that many newcomers simply rely on platforms such as YouTube to be discovered instead of focusing on their own writing talent.

 She explained: "Write your own songs - even if you don't end up using it, it shows you what you want to say and you get in touch with what you want to say and who you are as an artist. I think nowadays everybody feels like they can become a star just because they're on YouTube, but that's not the only part of the equation. There's a lot of hard work that goes with it and if you don't have the chops to back it up, it's gonna to be more challenging later on."

 Furtado stated that, when she was starting in the music business, she had to fight with her label to be true to herself and trust her own instincts. She recalled her first video shoot for "I'm Like a Bird": "I fought to wear those shell-toe Adidas runners and [to wear] my hair back and those hoop [earrings] and the big jeans - I had to fight for all those things. You have to brand your image and wear what you want to wear and feel how you want to feel because people are seeing you for the first time."

 Interesting thoughts! How do you feel about Furtado's advice to younger artists?


  1. Nelly has given some great sound advice I think. There used to be so much in the way of buisness for aspiring song writers but the trouble is these days, many artists want to perform their own songs, more money and more credit. So for song writers today its a lot harder, they not only have to write a great song, they need to be able to sing too, as many already established artists will only go with their own work.

  2. You have a point, Dempsey. It is sad but true, that being a songwriter nowadays is very difficult unless you have a voice and image that goes with it. I believe that, in a perfect world, one shouldn't necessary exclude the other. There are many incredible singers such as Whitney Houston that don't write their own music and need people to submit them material from which to choose from. Why don't use the best of both worlds? Write your own stuff if you can, but also admit other people's work too.

  3. couldn't agree with you more my friend