Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Summer Glau explains physical role in new TV series

 Summer Glau has always been a fan-favourite as a result of her appearances on TV shows such as Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles or Dollhouse. Now she stars on NBC's upcoming superhero drama, The Cape. Glau, who is used to playing physical challenging roles, explained to IGN that her new role fits in that same category.

 "She's willing to throw down," Glau explained. "This girl has been on her own since she was 12, so she's incredibly resourceful and she's not afraid of anything. She just makes her own rules."
 The actress plays Orwell, a character that will evolve as the show progresses: "If you watch the next episode, you'll see more and more that she gets out of the lair and onto the scene."

 In order to play her, the former Terminator star went as far as to visit a 'circus school' to prepare her for a future story arc in which her character goes undercover at a carnival.

"I was only able to go twice," she said. "I thought I was going to hate it [but I had] the time of my life. It was really fun! There are things that Orwell may have done in her life before [the show] and it's coming out very slowly, because we're on a mission and it's always do-or-die time. So that [carnival] scene was a moment of reflection that I thought was really beautiful."

 The Cape premieres with a special two-hour episode on January. Click on the video below to watch a preview! Will you be checking it out?

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