Friday, December 24, 2010

Nicole Kidman cannot watch 'Rabbit Hole'

 Nicole Kidman has recently confessed to having a hard time watching her latest movie, Rabbit Hole, where she plays a mother who deals with the death of her own son.

 The actress who stars in the film alongside Aaron Eckhart, told the Huffington Post: "I still can't even watch some of the scenes because they affect me so deeply and I've never had that [happen] with a film before. Because I'm a producer, I've seen this film a number of times. I probably won't see the film again, if that makes any sense. I watch two scenes and I'm like, 'Ugghhh', because it still affects me so deeply. So I think that's the power of parenting and playing this role."

Kidman explained that being a mother herself has influenced her deeply when getting into her character's perspective: "I think from the minute that you have a child or the minute that I've experienced taking care of a child, being the caretaker of a little one, the power of that and the responsibility of that and so therefore the fear of the loss of that child is extraordinary."

 This definitely sounds intense! If you want to check out the trailer for Rabbit Hole click here. Have you already seen the movie? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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