Sunday, December 12, 2010

Teddy Riley teases more unreleased Jackson music

 Producer Teddy Riley who collaborated with Michael Jackson in the past and participated in the late singer's latest album, Michael, has promised there is more unreleased material for fans to look forward to in the future.

 Riley told BBC newsbeat: "It's what [Michael] would have expected us to do. It's not about the money, it's about making sure everything is right. I look forward to doing the next one and I'm glad I'm on board. It's an incredible record."
 Riley also recently mentioned that a salsa-flavored song called Burn Tonight which didn't make this album may get a future release.  "It's not what people would expect from Michael," he said. "It's like something from 'Dancing with the Stars."    

 Michael left tons of new material before he passed away, some of it was completed and some was left unfinished. In November 2009 at least 21 new songs were registered by the Michael Jackson Estate, none of which appeared on Michael. Songs like Don’t Be Messin’, Innocent Man, World of Candy or Neverland Landing could see the light of day in future releases. Another possibility regarding the unfinished material is a rumoured duets album. According to Riley, there are many songs "where Michael only sung the first verse" and would be completed as duets with "great artists, artists with substance".

 What do you say? Are you guys looking forward to more unreleased music from the King of Pop?

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  1. I look more forward to the duets I think, as I think they could be really good. The only thing I hate about all this is that Jackson himself couldn't of experienced the comeback he deserved. Worth more now dead than alive.