Friday, January 14, 2011

Colin Firth Receives Hollywood Star

 Actor Colin Firth is the 2,429th person to have a star in the popular walk of fame and was certainly moved at the unveiling. In a year were he has either been nominated or has won every possible award for his performance in The King's Speech, the actor dedicated such special moment to his wife.

 'I want to thank everybody that has accompanied me on this extraordinary journey, but probably more than anybody I could ever imagine Livia who has walked every step of this with me joyfully and truthfully. When I look down there at that star, it's her name I see.'
 The English actor's star is located outside the Pig N' Whistle pub, next to fellow Brit Emma Thompson's.

 Congrats for the truly deserved recognition! Now let's go for that Oscar nomination, shall we?


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