Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wonder Woman TV Show Not Happening

 Wonder Woman is sure proving to be a difficult character to resurrect in this day and age. After a number of failed attempts to bring the character to the big screen (Joss Whedon even wrote a script for a big screen adaptation), the last possible incarnation was to be produced for TV. However, according to EW, all major broadcasters have passed on the script for the TV series.

 The project was being shopped around by Warner Bros. TV, based on a script from David E. Kelley (Ally McBeal) but on late Friday, NBC was the final network that declined to bring back the superhero. Even though sources close to the project state that they will not give up on it, it is almost confirmed that the series is “not moving forward at this time.”

 The high costs required for a license to bring the character back to life may have been a important factor for the networks to decline producing an updated version of the show for TV.

 It is really sad to see how interesting projects like this one do not become a reality for corporate reasons. 

 Do you believe that Wonder Woman deserves a chance to come back?

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