Friday, January 28, 2011

Meet The Possible New Charlie´s Angels

 Negotiations are underway to cast the two remaining spots for the main actresses that will play Charlie´s Angels along with Annie Ilonzeh who is already locked to play one of the three main roles.

 According to Deadline, the most popular female trio of television could also include Minka Kelly (Friday Night Lights, Parenthood) and aussie actress-model, Rachael Taylor. 

 Apparently, after an extensive search, the name of Minka Kelly kept coming back to the producers, whose character and name is now being reworked after her. The character was previously described as Marisa, a former U.S. Marine and weapons expert trained in all forms of hand-to-head combat and a neat freak.

 Rachael Taylor would play Abby, the youngest of the angels and daughter of a notorious Wall Street crook who is an expert con artist herself as well as a Krav Maga expert. 

 As far as Charlie Towsend is concerned, Robert Wagner will voice the character in this new incarnation for television.

 The show which is set in Miami, will be penned by Milles Millar & Alfred Gough (Smallville) and produced by Drew Barrymore, who also played one of the three main characters on the big screen adaptation of the original series.

 Are you happy with the casting choices for the new show? Sound off in the comments!

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