Friday, January 7, 2011

Demo Track of Britney Spears New Single Leaks!

 The wait is almost over, as Britney´s new single is ready to be released to the world only three days from today. In the meantime, there is still plenty to keep fans of the pop star entertained, as the demo for her new single, Hold It Against Me has leaked online... and it sounds really good!

 The singer recently took her Twitter to address the leak and confirm the release date of her new song: "Heard an early demo of my new single leaked. If u think that's good, wait til you hear the real one Tuesday."

 Spears also unveiled the cover art for her new forthcoming single which you can see above.

 Apparently, the demo leaked is very different from the final version produced by hitmakers Dr.Luke and Max Martin.

Ryan Seacrest seems to think that way when he tweeted:  " @britneyspears just sent me "Hold It Against Me." WOW. The demo doesn't even compare!"

 Click below to listen to the demo for Hold It Against Me (without Britney's vocals). Thoughts?

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