Monday, January 10, 2011

Ivan Reitman updates on Ghostbusters 3

 Rumours have been swirling around for years now regarding the cast and script of Ghostbusters 3. Now, we have official word from the man from the director himself, Ivan Reitman. The man behind the first two movies told Coming Soon that “There is almost nothing that is accurate online about that film. There is nothing... I mean, all these stories... there has been a ton of stuff about casting, about who's in... None of it is true.”

 He even addressed those rumours regarding Bill Murray´s return and his concerns with the script: “We have a really good script, but Bill Murray has to read it. He hasn't read it. There has been all kinds of chatter online about him reading it and not liking it. He has not read a thing. He's never read anything. And I just sent it to him. So we'll see. God knows how long that will take. But we'll see.”

 As far as the rest of the cast and who will be returning Reitman confirmed that “Sigourney Weaver has a role in this movie. All the original characters have parts. As well as a whole bunch of new characters. It's got a really good story, this one. Maybe the best of the whole series. I hope we get to do it”

 So, there you have it. Lets hope Murray gives his approval to the script so this film finally gets made... we say it´s about time!

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