Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hans Zimmer Comments On Nolan´s Oscar Snub

 Composer Hans Zimmer recently admitted to Billboard he was shocked by the fact that Christopher Nolan has not received a nomination for directing Inception. Nolan was recognised in the best 'Original Screenplay' category, and even though Zimmer himself picked up an 'Original Score' nod, he considered the moment "bittersweet" for not being able to share it with his peers.

 He explained: "I cannot believe it. I just think it's amazing. How could they leave those two guys out? The film really was different, and it really was a different vision.

 Everybody's always harping on, 'Can we do something new that's successful?' Well, he did something new that was immensely successful. I think... a little something creeps in that if it is successful, it suddenly can't be judged as art anymore."

 He added: "I've always had a somewhat complicated, shall we say, relationship with the Oscars. In a funny way, the Oscars do mean something because it is your peers, you know? And you want all of that to stay relevant and current, so you don't want them to make too many missteps."

 What do you say? Was it really fair? Who else do you believe was snubbed from the nominations? Sound off in the comments!

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