Thursday, January 20, 2011

Video Premiere: Pink - F**king Perfect

 P!nk has released a music video for her latest single, F**king Perfect, and as usual she doesn´t disappoint.  The wonderful Tina Majorino features as the central character on this magnificent music video with a beautiful message embedded within.

Click above to watch! Thoughts?


  1. Love this. My grrlfren, Pink, blows my mind yet again.

  2. OMG P!nk amazing, incredible, inspiring! I would expect nothing less from you...You are truly blessed and a true inspiration....Its OK to be less than perfect...Our world would be a boring world if we all were!
    Sharyn xo, Western Australia

  3. Thanks for you comment Sharyn! It is very true, Pink always inspire others to be themselves and that is ok be different. She's a true artist.

  4. Pink you are AMAZING!! To all of those who were a teenage girl at one time, I am sure some can relate to these all those young girls out there right now, NEVER DOUBT or second guess yourself because you are all TRULY amazing individuals who make this world a great one to be life to the fullest because all of you deserve it!!!
    Sunshiner, Red Deer, AB, Canada